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Question: 12

A collaboration engineer is designing Cisco IM&P implementation to support instant messaging logging for compliance. Which two external databases can be used to support that functionality? (Choose two.)

A. Oracle database
B. MySQL database
C. Microsoft SQL database
D. PostgreSQL database
E. Informix SQL database

Answer: AD

Question: 13

Refer to the exhibit.

A cisco collaboration engineer is troubleshooting a gateway and gatekeeper problem and sees this output from a debug command. Which two configuration can cause this problem? (Choose two)

A. The same zone prefix is configured in two different gatekeepers
B. The same H323-ID is configured in two different gateways
C. The same gw-type-prefix is configured in two different zone subnets IDs
D. The same zone subnet ID is configured in two different gatekeepers
E. The same E164-ID is configured in two different gateways

Answer: BE

Question: 14

The Cisco Unified Border Element is configured using high availability with the Hot Standby Routing Protocol.

Which two pieces of information can be gathered about the calls traversing these border elements? (Choose two.)

A. The total number of calls is 150.
B. The number of non-native calls is 70.
C. The number of native calls is 501 .
D. The number of calls preserved is 220.
E. The total number of active calls is 100.

Answer: AB

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Question: 15

Refer to the exhibit.

Which two SIP packet handing behaviour will result with this cisco Unified Border Element
(CUBE) configuration? (Choose two)

A. Unsupported content/MIME pass-through
B. SIP Refer is not support when received on this CUBE
C. Privacy headers received on SIP message will be replaced with NON-privacy headers on this CUBE
D. P-Preferred identities
E. Mid-call codec changes

Question: 16

Tom Lee is an active user in a Cisco Unified CM deployment with fully functional LDAP synchronization and authentication to an Active Directory. Daily resynchronization is set at 11:00 pm. At 8:00 am on March 1st 2014, this user was deleted from the AD. What will Tom Lee experience when he attempts to log in Extension Mobility at an IP phone and then access his Unified CM User Options page on his PC, at 9:00 am on March 1st 2014?

A. Extension Mobility will not work, but the User Options page will work.
B. Extension Mobility and the User Options page will not work.
C. Extension Mobility will work, but the User Options page will not work.
D. Extension Mobility and the User Options page will work.
E. The information provided is insufficient to answer this Question:.

Answer: C

Question: 17

Which Cisco Unified CM Application user is created by default and used by Cisco Unified CM Extension

A. CCMAdministrator
B. EMSysUser
C. TabSyncSysUser
D. CCMSysUser

Answer: D


Question: 18

Refer to Exhibit:

Assume there are no classes of service restrictions and all numbers shown are reachable from this Cisco Unified IP 7965 Phone. Which statement about the dialing key strokes that allow the owner of this phone to reach directory number 2000 is true?

A. Press the last button on the right hand side of the phone screen.
B. There is no way to speed dial to directory number 2000 because the speed dial entry is not assigned.
C. Press 7 on the phone keypad, followed by the Dial soft key.
D. Press 6 on the phone keypad, followed by the Dial soft key.
E. Press 5 on the phone keypad, followed by the AbbrDial soft key.

Answer: E


Question: 19

Which two guidelines are recommended when configuring agent phones for Cisco Unified CCX agents?
(Choose two.)

A. In the Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings section, set the Maximum Number of Calls to 2.
B. In the Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings section, set the Busy Trigger value to 2.
C. The Unified CCX extension for the agent must be listed within the top four extensions on the device profile.
D. In the Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings section, set the Maximum Number of Calls to at least 3.
E. Always enable SRTP when configuring an agent phone.

Answer: AC

Question: 20

The Video engineer wants to enable the LATM codec to allow video endpoint to communicate over audio with other IP devices. Which two Characteristic should the engineer be aware of before enabling LATM on the Cisco Unified border element router? (Choose two)

A. Dual tone Multifrequency interworking with LATM codec is not supported.
B. Codec transcoding between LATM and other codecs is not supported.
C. SIP UPDATE massage outlined in RFC3311 is not supported.
D. Box-to-Box High availability support feature is not supported.
E. Configure LATM under a voice class or dial peer is not supported.
F. Basic calls using flow-around or flow-through is not supported.

Answer: AB