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Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 400-151 Exam Questions:

Question: 11

Which four options are part of Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite product portfolio? (Choose four.)

A. Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Business
B. Application Policy Infrastructure Controller
C. Cisco Virtual Application Container Services
D. Cisco Prime Service Catalog
E. Cisco Open SDN Controller
F. Cisco UCS Director

Answer: ACDF

Question: 12

Which two statements about policing, queuing, and scheduling are true? (Choose two.)

A. The WRHD algorithm is reactive approach only to traffic congestion.
B. Policing is the monitoring of data rates for a particular class of traffic. The device can also monitor associated burst sizes.
C. You can apply weighted random early detection to a class of traffic, which allows packets to be dropped based on the CoS field.
D. You can schedule traffic by imposing a maximum data rate on a class of traffic so that excess packets are dropped.

Answer: BC

Question: 13

Which three options are common PTP device types? (Choose three.)

A. ordinary clock
B. network clock
C. crystal clock
D. transparent clock
E. boundary clock
F. sundials

Answer: ADE

Question: 14

Refer to the exhibit.

When specifying subnets under a bridge domain for given tenant, the user can specify the scope of a subnet. Which definition of the public subnet scope is true?

A. It indicates that this subnet is advertised to the external router by the border leaf.
B. It indicates that this subnet is advertised to the public Internet and must be protected by a firewall.
C. It indicates that it must be leaked to one or more private networks within ACI fabric.
D. It indicates that this subnet is advertised to the border leaf in ACI fabric

Answer: A

Question: 15

Which statement about glean throttling in Cisco NX-OS is true?

A. When forwarding an incoming IP packet in the line card, if the Address Resolution Protocol request for the next hop is not resolved, the line card forwards the packets to the supervisor. The supervisor resolves the MAC address for the next hop and programs the hardware.
B. The traffic policing feature manages the maximum rate of traffic through a token bucket algorithm. The token bucket algorithm can use the user-configured values to determine the maximum rate of traffic allowed on an interface at a given moment in time.
C. Cisco NX-OS supports a rate-limiting feature to manages the access bandwidth policy for a network by ensuring that traffic falling within specified rate parameters is sent while dropping packets that exceed the acceptable amount of traffic or sending them with a different priority.
D. The traffic shaping feature in Cisco NX-OS to avoid bottlenecks in the network.

Answer: A

Question: 16

Drag and drop the feature from the left onto the correct benefit on the right.

Congestion Notification
IEEE 802.1 Qau
Data center Bridging Exchange
Priority-Based Flow Control
IEEE 802.1 Qbb
Enhanced transmission selection
IEEE 802.1 Qaz

Question: 17

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Refer to the exhibit.

Which outcome of this configuration is true?

A. Any newly created traffic flows do not use this fabric interconnect.
B. All traffic ceases to flow through this fabric interconnect after a reboot.
C. Servers cease to use this fabric interconnect upon next reboot.
D. All traffic ceases to flow through this fabric interconnect.

Answer: D

Question: 18

Refer to the exhibit.

If you inspect a VXLAN packet at point2, which two options about the outer fields in the VXLAN header are true? (Choose two.)

A. Outer S-MAC = MAC-1 ; outer D-MAC = MAC-2
B. Outer S-IP = IP-1 ; Outer D-IP = IP-4
C. Outer S-IP = IP-1 ; Outer D-IP = IP-2
D. Outer S-MAC = MAC-1 ; outer D-MAC = MAC-4
E. Outer S-IP = IP-A ; Outer D-IP = IP-B
F. Outer S-MAC = MAC-A; Outer D-MAC = MAC-B

Answer: AB

Question: 19

Which three statements about ASM and SSM are correct? (Choose three.)

A. By default, the SSM group range for PIM is and for PIM6 is FF3x/96.
B. PIM ASM is not fully supported on a PVC.
C. If you want to use the default SSM group range, you must configure the SSM group range.
D. ASM mode requires that you configure an RP.
E. In ASM mode, only the last-hop router switches from the shared tree to the SPT.

Answer: ADE