Want to Get CCIE Certificate? Follow the Tips

One of the most difficult certification offered by Cisco is CCIE certification. The certificate is an acronym for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. This certification enables you to understand and work with Cisco equipment and you are skilled enough to manage any network regardless of complexity and can appropriately work in any networked environment. CCIE certification is considered to be the top of the chain in comparison to other certificates that are offered by Cisco for example CCNA, CCNP, and CCSP etc. CCIE certification is considered to be the most prestigious certification worldwide offered to IT professionals by Cisco.

Planning To Qualify For CCIE Exam?

If you are looking forward to give CCIE examination then get prepared for long hours of study and hard work in keeping mind that the payoff is surely going to be worth it! CCIE examinations consist of two parts; the first part is the theoretical part in which questions are given in a multiple choice manner and a candidate has to complete within two hours of time span. Whereas the second part is the practical part which is taken in a Laboratory and it is the toughest exam which has the time span of a minimum eight hours.

How to Pass CCIE?

So if you are starting to prepare yourself for CCIE, you should plan your routine in such a manner that your schedule consists of long hours of study for at least six months. It is very important for you to seek assistance from various sources since an exam like CCIE is one of the greatest challenges any IT professional faces so you must make all possible efforts even if you are already working you should take out some hours from your busiest routine on a regular basis. There are numerous study materials available online in various websites, various pdf study materials are also present over the web, and apart from online even offline self-study can be done in a tremendous manner if you buy the study guides.  Classroom courses are also available from which assistance can be sought which includes learning via lectures. Find some authentic practice tests so that you get yourself aware of the types of questions which can be asked. Engage yourself in laboratory exercises in order to enhance your theoretical knowledge.


After so much input and hard work when they achieve the CCIE Certificate then beyond any shadow of doubt the professionals are highly regarded as experts in the networking industries.

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