CCIE Vital Tips On How To Pass!

This is another kind of certification from Cisco given to professionals with skills and comprehension in networking, security, routing & switching, and voice; thus, this kind of certificate is acknowledged and recognized across the world. There are 4 CCIE Certifications:

CCIE Certification:

Storage Networking – This certifies the professionals with amateur knowledge regarding storage solution using multiple transport range in long distance

CCIE Routing & Switching – It certifies professionals that have the skills in preparing, planning, monitoring, preparing and solving complete networks.

CCIE Service Provider – it certifies professionals with the skills for network engineers in building, optimizing, configuring, and solving complex service providers like IPNGN core infrastructure.

CCIE Security – this certified professional with expertise to implement, maintain, and support ranges Cisco Network Security solutions using the latest products for security and practice of Cisco.

CCIE Voice – this certified professional who has the skill and the knowledge to configure and build intricate IP telephony plus unified communication solutions in the wider environment.

Examination Dates:

For your registration and schedule, the candidates should pay for registration fee. The fee will result to the candidate’s number. This number must be shown to Pearson each time you take an examination to track your expert development. The Pearson Vue will schedule your examination date as well as the location closest to your area.

Exam Prices:

For the payment, the process can be given to person who applied online or through phone. In addition, the payment of a written examination cost around 50 USD.

Study guidelines:

 How to pass the exam? Here are some tips:

  • Study hard and have a timetable, a month before your examination date
  • Be familiar with all the products
  • Recognize the exam objectives
  • Study for the written test
  • Learn some advance theory and concepts
  • Look for online forums and ask for questions you have in mind
  • Try to troubleshoot some product in a lab
  • Attend bootcamps
  • Take practice exams
  • Download study guides and materials online
  • Ask for advice from those professionals who already taken and cleared the test

These are just a few tips that you can follow to prepare for the CCIE exam. You can refer to Cisco site online for a complete ccie study guide and preparation guide before the actual exam. It will be of great help. It’s better to be equipped during the exam than fail and waste everything.

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