CCIE Syllabus 2012-2013

The Importance of CCIE Syllabus 2013

Cisco is offering different tracks of CCIE certification and it follows that each track has its own set of syllabus. In this sense, an individual who is planning to take CCIE certification should secure syllabus appropriate to the track.  On the other hand, the CCIE examination can be in general thus makes sense of knowing the syllabus in order to obtain in-depth knowledge and skills that will be the key in clearing the examination. Here are the general topics included in the CCIE syllabus.

General topics in the CCIE syllabus

  • General networking theory that includes Routing, OSI, Standards and protocols
  • Cisco Device Operation in which the candidate should know the setup, operations, commands and security.
  • LAN Switching and Bridging that requires knowledge about Ethernet channels, security and VLAN.
  • IP addressing, applications IPv6 and services.
  • IP routing including BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, EIGRP, RIP and many others.
  • LAN netork both wireless and Ethernet.
  • IP multicast

Aside from the topics included in the CCIE syllabus, it is also important to find other study resources that can help in carrying out CCIE studies. Likewise, by visiting the website of Cisco you can also find CCIE tracks with its corresponding syllabus.  It will make the study process a lot easier because the candidate would know which topics and objectives will be given attention.

CCIE Security Certification

The Cisco CCIE Security certification is one of the tracks that should be taken by individuals who are knowledgeable and skillful in implementing, supporting and maintaining a wide-ranging Cisco Network Security Solutions utilizing the updated Cisco Security products and best practices. Interested candidates should understand both the lab and written exam topics. Likewise, candidates can only take the certification exam after working 3-5 years in network security. Candidates planning to take the examination on or later on November 19, 2012 are recommended to use the written and lab exam refresher v4.0.

CCIE Routing and Switching Certification

This track of CCIE certification will certify an individual who has expertise and knowledge about planning, preparing, operating, monitoring and troubleshooting intricate converged networks. CCIE certified professionals are able to show the highest level of technical skills. Just like the former CCIE certification, the candidate interested to take the R&S should complete a minimum of 5 years work related experience. It also requires the candidate to pass the written and lab exams. On the other hand, anyone who failed to pass the written exam will not be allowed to take the lab exam.

Therefore, following the required CCIE syllabus plays important role in passing the CCIE certification. You can find the syllabus on the official website of the Cisco Systems Inc. The syllabus will guide you about the important details that a candidate should pay attention when planning to take any of the CCIE certification.

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