Need Of CCIE in Market

CCIE is an abbreviation of Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, a certified program is offered and its certificate is well popular all across the globe. The certificate holder is accepted to be an impressive certified and Network engineer with the skills of network engineering. Reorganization of certificates is based on the reputation of the Cisco, known as leading industry of networking. This company is famous for its deep knowledge of networking and its personals are working on the challenging assignments of networking technologies.

Why-Do-We-Need-MarketingCCIE Scope:

CCIE is known as the fourth highest paid job in the ranking. Thus, its scope can be guessed by this single point. If a person has excellent GPA, that will boost his career in the field of networking. Internetworking skills can be gained through the jobs in Cisco, IBM or Microsoft.  When a candidate passes the exam and gets a CCIE certificate. The most leading networking companies always remain in search of such certificate holder and these companies offer a lot of opportunities for the candidate in different sectors of networking including support professionals to network engineers.  CCIE certified can also find the jobs in the department of network administrator or network troubleshooter.

Updating CCIE according to technology:

Networking technology has flexible enough that it has to cover all new networking related challenges and for this it needs to provide solutions to all new challenges.  In this regard, professionals have to be focused on new networking techniques and should improve their skills in the same way. In the field networking professionals, CCIE certificate holder is assumed to aware of all new networking related issues and also knows the solutions of regular networking related issues like; installing, analyzing and troubleshooting of networks. CCIE up gradation process is same as a CCNA or other programs. The certificate remains valid for 3 years from the time of passing and after 3 years, CCIE certificate can be rectified by passing current CCIE exam. By this way, the candidate not only verifies his certificate but his skills and knowledge is also updated according to present networking technologies.

Complications in the CCIE:

Taking exams and getting it passed is not so complicated and its curriculum is also very simple. Cisco recommends books and videos on its website, where all syllabuses and topics of all programs can be found easily. On exam, if all topics related to this program are covered then there is no issue to provide the answers. All the questions are selected only from the given syllabus and curriculum and no question will be found out of the syllabus, in the exam of CCIE.

Lack of Experts:

Networking industry also remains in search of available CCIE and according to a survey, almost 25000 CCIE certificate holders are working in all over the world. Among these CCIEs, 2800 are working as security engineers and 1200 are working as Voice engineers. Top IT companies like Apple, Google, TCS, Microsoft, etc always welcome the CCIE certificate holder to handle their networks and business as well.

CCIE Exam Scenario:

There are 90 minutes allowed for the CCIE exam, which has 50 multiple choice questions to answer. Although, non native English can get 30 minutes extra but they should ask their teacher before they sit in the exam.

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