You Can Pass And Become CCIE Certified Professional

This Cisco certification given to the professionals with knowledge in networking, routing & switching, security, and  the voice; So, this certificate is recognized all over the world.  There are eight tracks of  CCIE Certifications.

If, you are serious about appearing in the exams for CCIE certification, you most probably know that there are eight different tracks, in which you can get this certification. You should know a couple of things before making up your mind as to which track is you going to appear in.

The first of these things is your interest in networking. Research has shown that people with an interest in networking pass these exams easier and with higher percentages than people who has no or little interest in networking. Each one of these eight tracks is tough to pass and you have to work hard and dedicate quite a lot of time and effort to the effort in order to pass this exam and receive certification.

Preparing for exams

Preparing for any exams is a tough proposition and preparing for an expert level is even more difficult. You need to plan and organize the entire campaign meticulously to make sure that you can pass these exams in first attempt. You should know that average people pass this exam in 2.7 tries.

Time required

Experts vary their opinion from 8-18 months. In the end, it comes down to an individual and how hard and how fast he or she can work. Start on the safe side your preparation at least one year from your prospective exam date with provision for a backup date. In case you feel you are not ready to take the exam.

Syllabus assessment

This is a very important part of your preparation. You need to make a very careful appraisal of the entire syllabus and make a brutally honest estimate of your abilities. You should have a very clear idea of your strength and weaknesses. As this is going to accelerate or retard your preparation.

Study material

There are two major sources of finding study material for these exams. Ones are all the unofficial online resources, websites and second are the official books that are readily available in the market. Experts usually recommended that you should make use of official books, website and other related material.

Past examination questions

They are a vital revision tool and the one that comes in most handy in your preparation or rather a revision of the entire text and assessing your readiness to take the exams.

In the end, you have to be ready to take your opportunity, work hard and have faith in yourself.


CCIE certification is highly reputed and commonly acknowledged in IT and the networking industry. Their experts are regarded as highly professional in the internet networking. The highly renowned CCIE specialization is the routing and switching.

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